Africa is a world of its own. A lot of travelers may only think of some top destinations like Morocco or South Africa when thinking about the continent, but there are so many different cultures, developed from each country’s history, and natural beauty that you can’t believe until you see it.

The Ultimate Guide to Going on an African Safari

One of the best things about living in Cape Town is having the opportunity to explore the depths of Africa. Even after being based here for years, I still jump at the chance to explore the great outdoors. From South Africa to Kenya and beyond, there is nothing more captivating than experiencing exotic wildlife in their natural habitat.

How to Choose an African Safari (That’s Right for You)

PSA: not all safaris are created equal. If you’ve never been on one, it’s probably hard to imagine how many different types of safaris there are.

In my time exploring the heart of Africa, I have come to realize that there’s a different type of safari for every kind of traveler.

The Best Budget Destinations in Africa

When traveling to a new destination, figuring out much to budget for activities, food, and transportation can be a little tricky. When I first started exploring Africa, I wasn’t sure how much to budget for different activities, safaris, transportation, accommodation and other costs of travel.

I based myself in Cape Town for three years, and I was able to explore new countries throughout the African continent—from the deserts of Morocco to the pyramids of Egypt, from the Kenya bush to Victoria Falls, and especially the beautiful country of South Africa. There’s an adventure waiting for you on the continent of Africa!


Africa is a massive continent with a varied climate, landscape, and wildlife. Choosing the best time to visit depends on your interests and what you’re hoping to see during your vacation.

If you’re planning a safari trip to Africa, visit during the dry season. From May to August, the rains are infrequent, driving the wildlife to nearby waterholes and making it easy to spot elusive creatures like lions and leopards. Read more about the Best Time to Go on Safari in Africa by Month!

But if you’re a bird lover, you’ll want to visit between November and April. The weather is hot and wet, and you’ll have unparalleled birdwatching opportunities.

Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe all offer incredible safari experiences!

Check out my The Ultimate Africa Travel Bucket List or guide on How to Choose an African Safari (That’s Right for You) to help you start planning your big adventure!


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