The Ultimate Guide to Going on an African Safari


One of the best things about living in Cape Town is having the opportunity to explore the depths of Africa. Even after being based here for years, I still jump at the chance to explore the great outdoors. From South Africa to Kenya and beyond, there is nothing more captivating than experiencing exotic wildlife in their natural habitat.

As completely worthwhile as it is, planning an African safari is a massive undertaking.
Where is the best place to go? When is the prime time to spot animals? What should I pack for a safari? You guys have been asking me tons of questions about safaris and I’m ready to cover ‘em all!

Imagine the United States, China, India, and most of Europe combined together into one whopping mass of land. That incredible supercontinent will give you an idea of how big Africa is! In fact, Africa is four times larger than the continental US.
Of course, if someone asks the best time to visit the US, it would depend on countless factors. The same is true of Africa. This diverse continent has snowy mountains, vast deserts, lush grasslands, and dense forests.

You can have a completely different experience at different times of the year.

The great thing about the sheer size of Africa is that you can visit any time of the year. Check out my post on the best time to go on safari in Africa for a full month-by-month guide to help you figure out where to go and when.

Typically when it comes to packing, less is more. After all, you can almost always just pop down to the local shopping center and grab whatever you need. It’s a whole different story when you are on safari, however.

More of than not, you’ll have no local amenities.

When you’re out on a safari, you’re fully exposed to the elements and it’s crucial to have everything that you need for the day. On top of that, luggage space is often strictly limited (if you’re taking short bush flights to get to your destination), so you need to be highly strategic.

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